Nov 26, 2007

Today's Appt.

Went to the doctor today. When we got there (Mom, me, and DAH) she had just been called to go deliver a baby. Well, that was going to suck. But, the receptionist told me the nurse would still see me. So I get called back, step on the horrid scale, pee in a cup, and wait patiently. Low and behold, here comes the doc!!! She had already delivered the baby and came back!! 30 minutes tops! It was insane! But anyway, all is good. I have only gained 8 pounds which is awesome. I'm pretty proud of that assuming I haven't done anything to prevent weight gain, at all! Blood pressure is still perfect. It has always been around 120/80. Yiipppeee!!

So the past few days I have been very nervous about the baby. Like feeling nothing is happening. So I was very scared. Especially since I haven't been able to hear the heartbeat with my doppler. Well, Fletcher told me not to be worried at all and she would get Shelly. Well, Shelly is the nurse who found it right off at my 10 week apt. Sure enough, ding ding, she got it!! I was soooo relieved I wanted to cry. It was 150bpm. Andrea believes that is "boy" range. Haha. The nurse then proceeded to write "baby" on my tummy where it was so that mom and I could find it at home with my doppler. And we did, right off!! Yippppeeee!

The best news is the BIG ultrasound is scheduled for December 21st!! They wanted to make it after Xmas and I said no way, so the best they could do was the Friday before, fair enough!! It is at 10am and I have to have a full bladder. I will have to start drinking early, haha!

Okay, now you're all caught up! :)

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