Nov 12, 2007

My Birthday Weekend

Hi there! Last Friday was my birthday and it was a great time!! My kids were so nice to be on Friday, haha. I was also in a good mood, so it probably made them feel good as well. I got lots of nice presents from teachers, students, friends, and family! :)

Then Friday night I spent the evening at Rhonda's house. She had FIESTA party. Not just for me, but I would like to think that! :) Haha

Then Saturday I got off my booty and cleaned the scrapbook room. I hadn't touched that room since all the drama occurred. I even scrapped a little in my preggo book. It was great. Then Sat. night then Rhonda and her family took me to eat Chinese (YUM-O) and then out to see Martian Child. It was a very touching movie.

Now, I am CRAAAAAVVIINNNNG Olive Garden salad and have NO one to go with! It's killing me. Mom and dad were SUPPOSED to get home early enough to have dinner with me. Well, at 5:45 they just left the lake. ARGH!

Hmm... maybe Olive Garden to go? HAHAHA

1 comment:

Joyce Aylor said...

I think you new do is cute!
I am glad all is going well with the pregnancy. You are dearly loved, neice.
Aunt Joyce


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