Dec 16, 2007

Sick Sick Sick

All about me before bed..
So last night I went to bed with a headache... took some Tylenol, no big deal. I woke up this morning with my head throbbing and somewhat not-hungry/nauseous. So, I ate an orange and just lounged around. By 2pm, I could not stand up or bend down without getting light headed. It felt kind of like the room was spinning and I was going to t/u. So I sat down, but knew I had an Xmas party tonight. About 5pm, went to the party, ate half a salad and I was done. It hurt to hold my head up, hurt to touch my head, and I was very light headed. When I take a deep breath, my chest (in the front and back) just ache. My nose is fine, my throat doesn't hurt, etc. I only cough when I try to take a deep breath. So off I go to Walgreens with my "approved" list. 45 minutes later, the pharmacist just gave me sudaphed to open my passages since I wasn't really hurting (expect my head and chest) and no fever.
Well I get home, decide to take my temp... yup... 100.5. So didn't take a darn thing and called the on-call doc. She said I had two choices, the ER or bed rest tomorrow until I can get in for an emergency exam. She is worried about my chest and my fever. Said to take Tylenol and nothing else. So, here I am. It even hurts to put the phone to my ear there is sooo much pressure.
It's weird, I've always jumped to Nyquil or anything when I'm sick. Now, it's not about me, how our mind changes is amazing..
We didn't have school all last week so I feel sooo guilty about tomorrow, but I have a wonderful team who is very worried.
Sorry that was sooo long, just need some prayers and thoughts.


Anonymous said...

You probably won't get this any time soon, but be careful. Let me know if I can come and help you. I have gotten pretty good at making chicken n dumplings...I can make you a batch if you need some good home cooking...this stay at home mom thing has done some good! I can cook now! :)

Take it easy, call me if you need anything.


Anonymous said...

I really hope you get to feeling better... don't forget that I am here if you need anything. I know mom is back home now, but if you need me to run and get you some sprite or 7 up or just crackers let me know. I really, really hope you feel better soon.

Love Always,


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