Aug 31, 2010

Will she be a Texan?

This little girl is the light of my life. Yes, sometimes she is the darkness of my life too, but that is not the reason of this post. ;) She will be 28 months tomorrow and is maturing rapidly! Her vocabulary is constantly expanding. The things she says to me everyday are hysterical. Right now our favorite saying around the house is "shut the door" but Olivia's version is "shut tha doah" said with a true Texan accent. What the? We have only been here a month! But it is hilarious! And she loves to make other people laugh, so when she says it and someone laughs, she says it again and again and again.
She is not scared of much. Except bugs, on her terms. For instance, her little cousin has a bug puzzle. She would touch the spider puzzle piece and then run to the other room yelling, haha. She loves to watch rolly-pollies but won't touch them. If I want her to come inside for any reason I tell her 'the bite bugs are out' and she comes running. Anytime she has a bug bite, she calls it a bite bug and demands a 'bambaid'.
Of course she tests my patience. The other day I told her she was driving me nuts. She came over and opened my mouth looking for nuts. Then she was mad when I didn't have any nuts to give her. So, she drives me nuts for a short time until I just can't help but laugh. She hates wearing clothes. Anytime they get wet or dirty, they have to come off. And then when she is only wearing a diaper she will say "I wet" and then proceeds to take the diaper off. So really, she'd rather be naked. Which is okay with me... I think it is cute and she needs to air out every once in awhile! Haha.
It is amazing to ride in the car with Olivia now and carry on full-fledged conversations about things. Right now she is infatuated with the sun and moon. It usually goes like this:
Olivia: Where'd sun go?
Me: It is behind the clouds.
Olivia: Oh. Where'd moon go?
Me: Moon is night night. Why is the moon night night, Olivia?
Olivia: Sun out! Moon night night! Sun out!
And then it repeats for the moon being out and the sun being night night.

Lately, if she can't do something, it is 'no can do this' and then gets very frustrated when she continues to try. We are also starting chores in the house, hehe. I can't tell you the last time I gave the dog food. Anytime O sees the bowl is low or empty she goes to the container and gives her more food. Same with putting Kylie in and out of the crate. Once I taught her how to lock and unlock the crate it is always 'O do it, O do it!' And don't EVER forget that she is to ALWAYS 'shut tha doah'!

She is an amazing child. Growing, showing, caring, sharing, talking... and a beautiful 2 year old.

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