Aug 3, 2010

Holy Changes, Batman!

So, yeah, I have been a bad blogger. And at this point, I can't promise anytime soon if I will get any better.

Within the past week Olivia and I have moved 208 miles. From Oklahoma City to Garland (Dallas) Texas. I am overwhelmed, sad, happy, emotional, lost, ecstatic, and very very tired.

We have been anticipating this move for quite some time and now it has officially happened.

I miss Oklahoma City terribly. I miss my home, I miss my friends, and I miss my familiarity.

I love Dallas. I love being close to my sister, I love starting over. I do NOT love the amount of money the move and Dallas have cost me! Hahaha

Olivia has done extremely well. Yet, Nana is still with us, so that is helping tremendously. I'm not sure what I expected from a 2 year old, but she has exceeded my expectations. She has kept her normal sleep routine, she is still taking naps, and she has been a great sport. Now only if she would share her toys with her 16-month old cousin. ;)

I am kind of at a loss about what to say. My camera is broke, but so am I. ;) So, I will post some house pictures and such when I can.

Until then, here is a couple over the past month or so.


Jennifer said...

You and O are missed! I miss seeing her smiling face during daycare :( Good luck in all you do and if you are ever up here and want to come say hi, we will be here for the forseeable future.

Christina said...

Welcome back! :) Olivia is just precious and I'm so glad the move hasn't been too rough on her! That first picture is gorgeous, by the way. I'm thinking of you both as you settle into your new life in Texas! I know good things are coming your way!


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