Aug 28, 2010

A Day in the Life of Meredith...

So school has started, which means busy mornings, busy days, and tired nights. I thought I'd give everyone an insight of our schedule on a 'normal' day.
5:45 - My alarm goes off.
6:00 - Finally roll out of bed and get ready.
6:40 - The coffee pot starts - it still makes me smile to smell the coffee. I think it reminds me of my grandfather... the coffee pot was always brewing so early in the mornings.
6:45 - Wake up Miss Priss. We then usually share a bowl of cereal.
7:00 - Try, with a fight of course, to get us out of the house all in one piece with all of our daily belongings.
7:20 - Arrive at daycare. Olivia puts her diapers away and then finds a seat at the table to eat her cereal. She usually chooses a seat near a smaller child so she can 'touch baby'.
7:30 - I arrive at school.
7:50 - 3:00 - Teach my little heart out, stare at blank faces, and laugh at the things kids say.
3:00-4:30 - Prepare for the next day.
4:40 - Pick up Miss Priss. She is so excited to see me and I plaster a smile on my face to see her. I am so tired by this point, but I also know her day is just beginning with me and I must make the most out of it.
4:45-6:45 - Play. Play. Play. Watch Yo Gabba Gabba. Eat dinner. Play. Play. Play.
6:45-7:30 - Bath, story time, prayer time, night night time!
Then of course all the daily chores begin and I try to roll into bed by 10pm.
So, if you took notes, haha, that is really only about 3 hours a day with my own child. How crazy is that?! Yet, she is finally liking daycare and is not crying when I drop her off. The daycare is also equipped with webcams, so for an extra fee each month I can watch her whenever I please. My mom and dad are also keeping daily tabs. It is great to see her interacting with other children and sleeping so soundly on a mat on the floor.

I have 19 students. All are completely different and diverse. I have only had one week with them, but can already tell who my problems are, who my lazies are, and who my 'average' students will be. We start off the year teaching place value which is not fun for anyone. Blah.

Olivia is doing very well. She amazes me everyday with her new words, actions, and independence. I wish the world was as friendly as she thinks. She will wave to anyone, play peek a boo with anyone, and will generally blow kisses to anyone. She also thinks if she is free from a shopping cart that the store becomes her own running field. She hates the cart but also doesn't like staying close to anyone. People tell me I was the same way... I beg to differ of course. ;) Her latest thing is eating people's noses. She will pretend to grab your nose and then put it in her mouth. She will also pretend chew it. Usually, if you ask for it back she will kindly take it out and put it back on your face. Until recently. Now she goes to the trash can and 'coughs it up'. :) Oh, my dear sweet child.

How am I doing? Oh... well, not as carefree as my daughter, unfortunately. I am still adjusting. The house is doing well, the boxes are unpacked, but it is very lonely at times. We have Andrea and Astoria over quite a bit or we are over there, but its still not the same. I miss my bff and the company he provided. I also miss my parents cooking us dinner and popping in to fix something around the house. When Olivia asks for Pops or Nana it breaks my heart. Yet, she will tell me "Nana Pops Okiehoma". Sigh. I know things will get better the more I surround myself with work and Texas atmosphere, but I am still a work in progress.

My camera has been broke since before I moved, so I don't have any pictures to share this time. I feel I have really missed out on a month of Olivia's life due to the camera issue. But the good news is, I bought a new one tonight and the battery is charging! :)

To leave with this.... a card my mother sent me.
"She Who Believes in Herself"
Trusting her instincts
was the hardest thing she ever did.
There was that wimpy little voice inside her,
cautioning her not to take the risk.
There were times along the way
When she was so scared she almost quit.

But she listened to the whisperings of her heart.

She pushed forth with faith-
Faith in her skills...
Faith in her work ethic...
And faith in her knowledge that she could succeed.

And she did!

In the end, trusting her heart
was the smartest thing she ever did!
-Suzy Toronto

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Wow Mere I want to say that you are amazing! Leaving home to move to dallas and doing it all yourself is truly a sign that you are a strong woman. Now that I have a child I can understand how exhausting it is to do it on your own. Olivia is blessed to have an amazing mother!!!! I truly mean that :)


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