Dec 9, 2009

Guess How I Feel?

This is how we started out the day....

This is how we ended the day..... Can you guess where we are?Olivia has an upper respiratory infection. She is congested. Her cheeks and eyes are swollen. Her eyes and nose are seeping thick green goop. Bless.her.ever.lovin'.heart.

Started Zithromicin and hopefully will feel much better soon!!


Andrea said...

Poor Olivia..I love that sweater though...who picked that cute thing out? Oh yeah, it was her really cool Auntie Andrea!

Jen said...

Oh no, poor baby girl. I'm so sorry to hear of her infection. ugh.
Thank you so much for your kind words to me. It can be so difficult getting so many diagnosis for my girls but knowing He will carry us and guide us down His path helps lighten the load. :)

Olivia is so adorable. And I love that your a teacher. Major props to you!
And the "fake smile"...ADORABLE!


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