Dec 14, 2009

Changing things up a bit...

Not MY child was created by Mckmama - Check out her awesome blog and all of its followers!

My child would never eat a fruit so high in antioxidants AND enjoy it! Olivia and her first pomegranate.

My child would never grow up so fast that she INSISTS on having her own bowl of cereal, her own pancake, and her very own puddle of syrup. But of course, Olivia would never say "Mama, help" and hand me her spoon so I could PUT the cheerios on it!

My child would most certainly not stand in her highchair while impatiently waiting for Mommy to cook. And never would I ALLOW her to do, so close to the stove and the knife block*! "Hold still, Mommy needs to get the camera!"
(* no children were in any danger in this photo)

Olivia would never sit and hide under the Christmas tree and think it was hilarious. For Heaven's sake, don't you see that UNCOVERED power strip behind her!? I would not put her in ANY danger...ever.

My child would never be so deprived that she had to STUFF her baby doll into the Kleenex box. I would always provide a bed for her baby.

(Notice the baby in its "bed" in the above Christmas Tree picture... placed under the tree.)

Olivia would never venture onto the couch, steal MY blanket, proceed to place it over her head and then roll into it until she was perfectly comfortable. My child would never be so selfish.

And last but not least, my child would never be allowed to wear her hat, mittens, and house shoes around the house all morning. Why, of course, my child is always dressed up and looking perfectly presentable.

These pictures make me laugh hysterically every time I see them. Notice the Kleenex box in the last picture. Thanks to Auntie A who gave me the idea to cut the top out. :)


Jen said...

So, so very adorable. I love it. my girls would never keep mittens on. Thats hysterical :)

JadeyGC06 said...

She is so cute! I love the hats and mittens ensemble!

Andrea said...

Those are the freakin' most hilarious pictures in the world! I love the 'snow outfit'!

Maura said...

What a cutie!!

Brandi said...

I found your blog through BlogFrog and wanted to tell you what a precious girl you have! We live in OKC, too, and before I was a mommy, I was a teacher, as well. Have a Merry Christmas!

~ Becky said...

Those pictures made me laugh out loud! Glad to see I'm not the only one with a little one running around in boots and a diaper :)

L said...

Hi, Meredith. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sure, you can use my post on your blog with a link to my blog, or however you do it. I don't mind, as long as you let everyone know it's from Tampons & Chocolate. Yes, my hubby was in the doghouse for over a week for that one...he's learned his lesson.

Olivia is absolutely ADORABLE! Gosh, I miss that age. Mine are 14and 11, and my stepson is 8. Enjoy it, because it goes fast!


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