Dec 13, 2009

Dough Making!

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Olivia and I were hard at work today! Thanks to Christina for posting this recipe for us to use! It was so simple! Olivia was not too sure at first.... but she eventually began playing with it. I had my back turned when she took her first taste of the pink dough. I could instantly tell she had taken a bite, because she was salivating heavily. Haha, it has 1/2 c. of salt in the recipe!! She was quickly asking for a drink. I believe they turned out very well! They are still drying, but are turning a lighter shade than I wanted. Oh well, they are cute and personal. :)

1 comment:

Christina said...

She's adorable playing with her edible Jell-O Dough! :) Gracie's ornament also started turning a lighter shade, and it still doesn't seem completely dry! Either way, I'm glad both girls enjoyed playing with it! :)


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