Mar 9, 2009


Well, it is 10pm and Olivia has been asleep for about an hour. I should be sleeping as well, and will soon. There are dishes to be done, bags to pack, and clothes to hang up. But, they will wait.

Olivia is 10 months old... already... it doesn't seem quite real yet. My doctor is in the hospital where I had Olivia and when I was there last Friday, I found myself teary eyed. It seems like just yesterday I was welcoming her into the world. Now, she is facing the world head on!

She loves to laugh, she is pulling up on anyone and everything, she has serious stranger danger, and we are awaiting the top two teeth.

We traveled to Texas about two weeks ago for Andrea's baby shower. It went wonderfully and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. Check out Andrea's page for some pictures..

Olivia's daycare future....
As mom heads to Texas to care for Andrea and Astoria, Olivia will be venturing off to daycare. We were going to go commercialized, but have decided otherwise. She will be with two ladies who have children at the school where I work. There are two other teacher kids in their care and they can't say enough about the love and care for their children. So, what do I have to lose? It is about 120 bucks a month cheaper than the place where she was going to be and heck, I can take her in her pajamas and its a block from work! She will start April 1. Pray her stranger danger calms down. She LOVES her Momma and is very skeptical of anyone else. It can make for a very tired Mommy.

Here are some recent pictures: Enjoy!!

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