Mar 26, 2009

Update Time

Well readers, it has been a bit, so I decided I needed to an update.

The dishwasher is running, baby is asleep, awaiting snow, I'm yawning... what better time to do an update?

My life:
Things are as calm as ever. Still struggling with the view of long term finances, but I take one day at a time. I am struggling a bit this school year with being motivated and 'liking' my kids. I have some pretty tough kiddos and they wear me out. I come home tired but with so much to still do.

I find myself missing a companion. I do not miss XH in general, just the companionship of a male partner. Haha, and not in a dirty way. LOL Yet, I'm not outgoing enough and don't really have the oomph to even think about dating.

I have been going to church regularly. It is still tough to get there on Sunday mornings, but I really enjoy myself once I am there. There is also a Saturday night service which I am going to try out this weekend. That means I could 'sleep' in on Sunday. I say sleep in... really, sleeping in consists of not having to WAKE up Olivia to go to church.

I am completely blessed with the friends I have around me. My school friends are my life. They have no idea how happy they make me.

And of course my family... I will be an Aunt in two weeks!!! Hopefully not sooner!!! :) Mom, Olivia, and I made the trek to Texas during Spring Break. Like always, Olivia had to have a horrible time. More on her in a bit.
My sister is glowing with her pregnancy, yet so ready to be done. She now knows why I wanted to induce so bad when she kept saying "Mere, what is the rush? Just let her bake!" HA. The 8th and 9th month of pregnancy SUCK!

Now on to Olivia:
Regarding that Texas trip... Olivia always has a rotten time in Texas. She doesn't lsleep, sometimes she barfs.... it is just a mess. This trip... she didn't sleep and CUT THREE TEETH!!!! ACK! Made for one UNHAPPY baby and a VERY TIRED Mommy and Nana. Thanks Mom for staying up with her!! Her top two teeth and one of her side top teeth. lol I don't know the names of teeth. I will get a picture soon because now that they are coming in more and more you can see them when she smiles. My poor baby is getting so big! No more gummy smiles... :(

She is still pulling up on everything. She recently started going up and down steps. Good fun at Nana's! She will stand alone until she realizes she is standing or until she sees someone watching her. Then she plops on her booty. Silly girl. She is also traveling the furniture. I enjoy her crawling, I don't really think I am going to rush this walking thing.

I have been working on transforming the back bedroom into her personal play room. I decided there is no reason to keep the room 'to sell' when Olivia can be enjoying it.

On Monday Mom and I picked up her first mini swingset. My Grandpa left her some money before he left for me to use on something for Olivia. I figured this little swing and slide would be perfect. I sure do miss my Grandpa.

Olivia is saying Momma and I like to think she knows what it really means. lol If someone says 'Where's Momma?' she will look around for me. And sometimes when she is following me around the house, she will call out 'Momma, Momma, Momma'. So cute. She is also familiar with the word NO. Does she always care? No. Does she laugh, smile at you, and then touch the forbidden object again? You bet. We are trying to redirect instead of punish, but she does get swats on her booty if she continues. It is mainly cords. The girl can't get enough of cords. Nana got some of these cool cord protectors. We will see if they work.

Olivia starts at her home daycare next Thursday. I think Nana is realizing as time gets closer what that really means. It is not like she will only be 2 miles away and Nana can get her anytime she wants, it is just the principal of the matter. It is sad. I will be sad as well.

My friend Melanie and I took Olivia's first zoo trip last Friday. She only slept for about 20 minutes the whole time! Her favorite animals? Birds and ducks. She would just yell and grunt at them. Yet, if they got too close she would try to climb up my arm to get away. It was too cute.

There were two boys next to her feeding the ducks. When the ducks came closer to eat, she would scream at the birds. lol
Another duck - she would yell at it until it would wake up and then she would just smile at the duck!
Olivia has a thing with grass.... and I guess woodchips. She will NOT sit in the grass or crawl on it. If she is pants, she will hold up her leg or legs so that she doesn't 'touch. See above picture.

My beautiful baby girl.

I guess that is about it. I am busily preparing her 1st Birthday Party. Can you believe it is about a month away?! Completely crazy. I cannot believe it. Where has the year gone?
Well, that is enough for now. As always, we will end with pictures!
Happy Baby!

Playing at Nana's

Partners in crime. Pops and Olivia. Wrapped around his finger? Naaaaah.
Hands clenched, feet up..... don't sit me down in the GRASS!!
The many faces of Olivia.
Mommy and Olivia


Andrea said...

We can only hope this next trip is better! Maybe meeting Astoria will make her life better in Texas, lol, yeah right! :)

Anonymous said...

I think that it's funny that the swing/slide that you pictured in your post, is the same one that my son has! What are the odds of that?


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