Feb 7, 2009

Olivia the Locomotive!

A few pics to start with!

Ladies and Gents... she is on the MOVE! And can move QUICKLY!!

Childproofing has begun about as quickly as it came. Olivia went from only a few steps to crawling to just you or a toy, to now crawling to anything within eyesight. She thinks it is hilarious to be crawling towards you and then veer off path to something she knows she is not supposed to have.

She loves:
Shiny objects
Food Crumbs
The kitchen stool
YOUR Drink
Kylie's ears
ANY paper

These are just a SMALL write up of what she absolutely goes for every time. She is a riot!

Went for our 9 month check up on Friday. This means our next checkup is May 6th.... AFTER she is ONE!!!!!! OMG!

She weighed 18.9lb - 27 1/2 inches. She is the 50th percentile for weight and height. She also got a flu shot. Ouch, but was a total trooper, shed one tear, and cried until I picked her up.

Dr. Harmon said Mommy needs to buy some earplugs in order to get Olivia sleeping back in her crib and through the night. She has stopped doing these things and I guess slowly it has become my fault... it is a learned behavior. SO, starting this week, I am to feed her, change her, rock her to sleep if I wish, lay her down, and walk away. Check on her ever so often, but have as few moments of contact as possible. OY. Everyone get ready for late night texts because this is going to be HARD!!! My wonderful mother has kept her two nights now so that I can 'gear' up for this endeavor.

Olivia and I are in the process of joining our church. I was introduced to Cornerstone through a coworker. I instantly love the preacher, the message he was delivering, and the people of the church. Olivia goes to the nursery and has had no problems as well. I pray this is the right path and for guidance daily.

I am planning Andrea's baby shower which is taking place on Feb. 28 in Dallas. So far everything is right on track. I am super excited and miss her dearly!

Still have not heard from DAH. I was able to file head of household on taxes this year which worked out WONDERFULLY for me and NOT so wonderfully for him. Last words I got from him was that he owes $3000. Ouch. Oh well. Such is life.

Well, I guess I should take advantage of a childless house and go to sleep.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

We miss the little booger. She is growing up so fast. Sometimes I just wish our lives wouldn't have went in different directions. We all really hoped to be a big part of her life.
We love you all. Give kisses.
The Rock Family

Anonymous said...

I would love to see an update!
I am very pleased to see that you are in the process of joining your church. What's the process?
Aunt Joyce


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