Jan 15, 2009


....is THE hardest thing I have ever done! Within the past week.... Olivia fell off my bed, had a horrible heart wrenching scab on her nose (carpet burn), we have been to the doctor twice, I have missed 1 1/2 days of work, I have a cold, and NOW she has RSV. Someone shoot me! I could probably count the hours of sleep we have had since Tuesday.

I am a strong single Mom. Do I like it? No. Do I have a choice? No. Would I change my life for anyone/anything? Not a chance. My mom has been a saint taking care of the two of us.

Olivia runs a fever on and off. She cannot get comfortable. She cannot breathe through her nose. She blows snot bubbles. She has fluid behind her right ear. She has a sore throat. She does not like amoxicillin. Ugh.But, I am strong and I am her Mother.


Andrea said...

Even with her snot bubbles we love her all the same! Stay strong little sister!

Anonymous said...

wish I could be there to help!
Aunt Joyce


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