Jan 8, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas to all my readers! I hope everyone's wishes and wants were granted as well as a very bright and prosperous year ahead.

I can only look back and smile about my past year. What a year of blessings, fun, and new experiences. I can't even begin to really remember my life without Olivia. She is a joy daily and her personality is blossoming.

She now has two teeth. Her first one broke through mid December and the second one today, Jan. 8. Both bottom teeth. My, how she is growing. We are SO close to crawling it is frustrating! She wants it so bad! And I am sure I will regret saying it later, but I want it just as bad! She now gets on her tummy, then to all fours and rocks, which is great. But then she can't get off her belly when she gets mad. My little lady is too lazy to roll over. Oh well, in due time I suppose. My bet is crawling by the time Feb. is over. The scary part? She is already pulling up on things. Time it lower the pack and play and the crib.

We had a wonderful and bittersweet Christmas. Of course, the first Christmas without Grandpa which was a silent sadness. I know we were all feeling it, but little was said. It wasn't the same without him yelling at Lulu or any of us. Yet, we of course all enjoyed each other. It went by way too fast, as always.

I have began working into a routine with Olivia. We are trying to be in our own home by 6 or 6:30 each night. We were spending till about 10pm at Mom's every night. Mom and Dad need their own time, and my little one (and myself) need our own routine. So, I have been cooking (little cleaning), playing with Baby, giving baths, and getting to sleep all by 9:30. It has been great. I actually did a load of dishes instead of just bottles last night!
I hope everyone is well and happy.
I leave you with a few pictures!

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