Jan 15, 2008

Random Things

So, as I sit here sitting "Indian Style" on my bed eating my cereal, I wonder how long I will be able to sit in this position. Haha.

- Olivia is moving like crazy. I was so worried I couldn't feel her for long a time, now she is definitely making up for it. Her busiest times are night and morning when I first lay down or wake up.

- Last night I believe I may have started feeling her hiccup. I drank a Diet Coke and then felt little pulsations on my side. I thought hmm... that was weird (it didn't last long), so I drank another one (I know I know, haha, bad mommy!) and it happened again. Only lasting about 30 seconds, but definitely not a normal moment because it was very repetitive.

- I want to say a huge thank you to my Wonderful Aunt. Olivia and I really appreciate the gift and it is much needed! Thank you! I love you!! :)

- Next appt. is Thursday afternoon. Shouldn't be too much of a productive appt. Maybe setting me up for my diabetes drinking fest. I'm worried about that! Ew! And I have been eating soooo much candy!

Well, off to work. Just thought I'd give some updates. :)

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