Jan 3, 2008

Preggo Dream?

So, in my dream...

I'm at my Granny's house (she is not there though) and me and my cousin Amy are just hanging out. I am sitting on the couch and she is sitting on the floor. We knew I could go into labor at anytime, so she was with me. Well, I was on the phone with someone and all of a sudden I look down at Amy and she is holding my newborn, squirmy and still slimy; but she wasn't crying. She was moving her mouth and acting like she was crying, but couldn't make any noise. So I grabbed her and held her UPSIDE down, did the ole' finger sweep and it didn't help. So I called my Granny to get the phone number for 911 (LOL). I then called the Fire Dept, they showed up, used the sucker thingie to clear out her lungs and she was fine. Then another fire fighter came in with two other infants. I had girl TRIPLETS!!!! They were all dressed in little Oklahoma State outfits. It was a super dream. No labor and all GIRL triplets!! Haha... I think I need more sleep!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just wait till you have the dreams that you have to pee, and you find a toilet in your dream and you actually pee a little!!! haha, That should hit at about 9 months!!!



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