Jun 1, 2008


I'm such a bad blog mommy. Haha. I do have down time, just never know how much I'm going to get. Hence, right now it is midnight.

Olivia is doing fantastic. As of Thursday, she weighed 7 lb 1 oz. We are still breastfeeding, which is going well. I do supplement some with formula if she isn't getting full or if we are out and BFing isn't ideal. I'm coping with the fact she won't die on formula. It's tough being a mom.

She is an absolute doll and it still doesn't seem real. She is starting to really focus on faces now and smiling will soon follow!



Aunt Andrea said...

For such a small little thing that one picture makes her look tall and lanky! I just hope she keeps that all of her life :)

Anonymous said...

Who do you think she looks most like, besides herself of course?

Hey niece Andrea, you were that lanky yourself, sweetie!
Great Aunt Joyce


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