Jun 22, 2008

Long time no write!

Greetings from Texas!!! Mom, Olivia, and I made the trek down Thursday afternoon to vistit Auntie A and Unc. Yet, if your Nana, you call Auntie A Auntie Ann and you have to remind her she doesn't make pretzels. (Love you Mom!) We are having a great time here and it just reminds me how much I miss my sister and brother in law. Olivia is receiving all the hugs and kisses she can take. Auntie A has become to designated diaper changes. And not the nice diapers. LOL :)

I have decided Olivia is not allowed to come to Texas anymore though. Here are the reasons:

1. She out grew her newborn diapers and entered the Stage 1. (Thanks Kathryn for your help in the matter.)

2. She sat up perfectly in a Bumbo. (This brought me to silent tears. Just last week she was a flopped over fish.)

3. She has gained a ton while we have been here. She FEELS heavy!

4. She started giving away my smiles!

She is getting so big. :( Yet, Nana is ready for her to help in garden, so I guess she has to keep growing.

We came down here to help sister plant, hang blings, and hang pictures. Well, mom and Andrea got the plants planted and are currently hanging blinds. Pictures will be up to her and Rex.

Not sure what else to talk about, so I will end this post with some pictures. Enjoy!

Mom and Olivia guarding the Garage Sale. - Granny and Olivia

Olivia (Peanut) and Great-Grandpa

Bath time at Auntie A's.

The Aylors and Olivia (and half of Auntie A)

Nash - loaded with his Pacis.
Kathryn, Nash, and Olivia. Nash insisted she didn't need her Paci.
The Aylors and Olivia
Olivia in the Bumbo - giving away my smiles! :)

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