Feb 28, 2008


Well here we are, 11 weeks away from meeting out precious angel!

Olivia is getting so big! I have only gained 17 pounds and the doc says another 10 is okay. I hope it is doable! Olivia will be gaining about 1/2lb each week from here on out. That is about 6 more pounds! Ack!!

On another note.... here is the background with my thyroid. When I first got pregnant I was taking 75mcg. They moved me up to 125mcg and 175 mcg throughout. Well, when I went in Jan. he said it needed to be increased MORE! So, I am taking 200mcg. After taking it for a month, regularly, my numbers went from 399 to .3! WHOA! NORMAL range is .3-3.0. Sooo, 399 was completely unacceptable!!

So, because of all this drama... starting at 32 weeks they will consider me "high risk" and I will do weekly NST's (Non-Stress Tests) at the hospital. I'm pretty excited, being able to hear her heartbeat and see her movement on a machine for an hour each week will be pretty neat. Basically, they just hook a machine up around my tummy and watch her heartrate/movement, etc. for an hour.

Other than that, all things are great here!

Court date on March 7. That's about it. :)

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