Feb 16, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

So, went to the doctor yesterday for my glucose test. I was completely dreading it, but after it happened, there was nooo reason to be worried. We got there and I had to pee soo bad. So I asked if I could go ahead and pee in the cup while I was waiting. I ran into my favorite nurse and asked her it was ok to go ahead and pee even though I needed to drink the glucose. Mind you, Mom is in the waiting room thinking I am just going pee. Mom is my backbone and goes to every appointment, therefore she was supposed to reassure my while drinking this crap. So, Shelly (the nurse) instantly runs off to get the "glucose cocktail"! I started freaking out! All I wanted to do was pee, I wasn't ready to drink!! (This is where the overreacting and worrying came in). So I chugged the watery sugary mess in less than a minute. LOL, it really was no big deal.

Anyway... Olivia wasn't phased too much by the sugar. Her h/b was 147, which is the slowest it's ever been. I am measuring 25 weeks, so two weeks behind schedule. I have also only gained 16 pounds. I'm pretty proud of that! I am really aiming for the 30 or less mark. I hope I can do it! I know the last 3 months are weight gain time.

The most exciting thing, I now start going EVERY TWO WEEKS!! Aaahh!! That means it is getting close! I can't believe it!

The next appt. is Feb. 27th. The 3D u/s is Feb 29th, I can't wait to see her again!

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