Apr 1, 2012

Another year, a new chapter.

Wow. It has been almost a year. Where have I been? I've been living. I've been living happier than I have ever before. My life is comfortable, calm, and happy.

I am still teaching 3rd grade Math and Science in the Dallas area. I am still loving my job. I am still missing my friends and family at home. I began graduate school in August and just finished my 5th class. The program is completely online and so far it is fitting into my life seamlessly. The program is titled: Masters in Educational Technology. Basically, I'm looking for a way out of the classroom. I'm ready for some change and maybe a little less demanding stress of testing. Maybe.

Olivia will be 4 years old in exactly 4 weeks. Oh.My.Goodness. Some days I feel she should be about 12. Other days, I miss rocking her to sleep and smelling the fresh, clean baby smell. She is my absolute mini-me. She is full of sass, loves to argue, and can't stop talking. Yep, my child. Yet, she cares about everyone, is loving nature right now, and loves to snuggle. She just astonishes me every single day. She started at an elementary school for the school year. She is in a Pre-K inclusion program and will also be there another year. She has completely taken on that school! Everyone knows Olivia and her little attitude. I love her teachers dearly. It has been a great change for Olivia.

Last June, my life changed. It changed for the better and continues to get better every single day. Timothy came into our lives and completely warmed our hearts. I'm experiencing a love I have never experienced. I am cared for, respected, and loved. I wish I could put it into better words. I just can't even express the feelings I have about this wonderful man. He moved into our home in November and I feel like things have never been any different. The team work we have developed and continue to develop is flawless. And that is what we are; a team. Tim has warmed Olivia's heart as well. She goes to him when she is hurt, when she needs a laugh, and when she just wants to be held. She is now calling him Daddy on occasion and telling people Tim is her Daddy which is a little odd for all of us, but no one is correcting her. If anything, we just smile and our hearts melt a little more.

For those of you that have been with me the past four years... I tear up thinking about all the support and love I have from all over the nation. I also know your heart is warm with mine. I know you have waited, prayed, and wished for this happiness along with me. That wait has paid off; I am beyond fulfilled.

I hope to get back to blogging, but if not, just know... life is so perfect.

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