Apr 3, 2011

Our Wonderful Weekend

After my last dreary post, I figured you needed something a bit more cheery!! Well, Olivia and I had an awesome weekend. I guess God knew we needed some mother and daughter time. There was hardly any yelling, arguing, and no time outs. She was almost a normal human this weekend!

It started Friday when Andrea took us to an awesome new park.

The park had super fast slides that landed the kids on their bottoms every time!

The very soon to be 2 year old!

On Saturday, Olivia and I took advantage of a free day at the Dallas Science and History Museum. Olivia was in awe and soaked up every ounce of the visit. It was great to show her around and explain things to her. I am loving this age where she is asking why to everything and then actually understanding when I explain.

Cheesin' in front of the dinosaur exhibit.
This area was a giant sand pit with buried dinosaur 'bones'. She spent a good thirty minutes playing here and watching the other kids.

Of course, loving the giant bubble tables.

The room of mirrors... she wasn't so sure about this one!

They have a kids area also. This was one of the many activities.

Putting vegetables into the holes to simulate farming/planting.

Trying to convince her to crawl through the tunnels. I made the mistake of mentioning they were 'ant tunnels'. Well, she hates ants, therefore she was having nothing to do with it.

I love the look on her face. :)

On Sunday, we took a ride on the DART, which is the public transportation rail train. Olivia is fascinated with trains and anytime we saw the train, she wanted to ride. So, today we had nothing to do, so we hopped on the train!

Kids? Check. Harnesses? Double check.

Absolutely loving the train!

Waiting for the train to take us home.

What do you get when you take two toddlers on a train... play hard at a park... no nap... and then a ride home? Two cranky kiddos!!

We had a fabulous weekend. I love my daughter so much and especially love when we have no major tantrums!

This week brings Astoria's birthday.... Nana, Pops, and Granny coming to town... and Astoria's party! Here's hoping to another great week!

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