Feb 1, 2010

Oh gosh, Days 28, 29, 30, 31, 32..

First, let me explain.

I could not be a stay at home Mom. To the several stay at home Moms who follow my blog, props to you!!!!

Wednesday night the ice began to fall. Thursday, the snow fell all day long. We were also out of school on Thursday AND Friday. Those two days were manageable. Olivia was pretty happy to be in pajamas all day. Saturday and Sunday got a little trickier. I graciously had a friend who shoveled my steep driveway at least to get us out of the house. We went to Target and got dinner. YAY for outside! Then comes Monday. The snow is doable. The ice is not. There is at least 2-3" of ice beneath the 4-5" of snow. It is miserable and completely unsafe. Therefore, we were out of school again.

Oh.. let me remind everyone.. I am a teacher and Olivia attends a home daycare ran by a woman who has children who go to my school. Therefore, when school is out, her kids are home and daycare is closed.

So, today, I forced Cindy and TJ out of their house and we took the kiddos to the mall. We played with all the other "normal" stay at home Moms. Good day. Well.. guess what.

We are out tomorrow as well.

I just may go insane. I have not taken many pictures, but will get O bundled and out to the snow tomorrow.

Everyone pray for my sanity and Olivia's well being! Haha

1 comment:

Jen said...

hahah...you're funny. its hard when your used to working and not being able to...and not working and then having to.
:-) love your honesty, its hard to come by.


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