May 12, 2009

Birthday Bash!!

Well... Blogger is not allowing me to post pictures right now, so let me tell you about it and then I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.

Her Ladybug birthday party was on May 2. We had over 50 people attend, yes all in my house. As my sister put it (Thanks, Andrea) it was great to see that I have so many people helping my raise my daughter. I could not ask for better family and friends. They are my life and such a great asset to me and Olivia.

My friend Cindy and I arranged the feast and did a great job if I must say so.

Pictures to come!!

Nana made her outstanding cake and even her birthday outfit! She was definitely the cutest baby on the block! I'm not biased though. :)

She LOVED her Smash cake!! She didn't want too much to do with the cake, but loved the black and red icing!!!

Wait for pictures!

Olivia received many new and pretty outfits and some too cute toys. Her biggest gift was a Push Buggy Car. Which, on Saturday, May 9, we took with us to the Parade. Before we went to the Parade, Olivia wanted to ride in her car. She decided Astoria needed to ride as well. Pictures to come!!

We went to Olivia's 12 month appoitment on the 6th. She is 20.2lb and 28 1/2" tall. She is in the 30th percentile for weight and height. We had already switched to whole milk which she has done wonderfully with and loves to drink it!! So, Dr. said to go ahead and get rid of the bottle. And it was about that easy!!! We are done with the bottle. She doesn't seem to miss it at all! I still rock her to sleep, but now it is without a bottle.

Olivia is doing great at daycare. I am so happy I made the choice to put her in a home daycare setting. She is one of 3 teacher's kids and is spoiled rotten! :)

I believe we are currently cutting more bottom teeth and the beginning of molars. Lord help me and everyone she comes in contact with! Aye yi yi!

Olivia loves her little Cuz, Astoria. She wants to kiss her constantly! She will kiss her, look at you, give you the biggest cheesy smile, and then clap. She wants instant gratification, lol. Hmm... I wonder where she gets that from.

Andrea and Astoria came to visit for a few weeks for Olivia's bday and for Mother's Day. It was awesome to have them here and terrible to see them go. I miss my sister already!! :(

On May 9 Olivia was dedicated to the church. I am loving my church and cannot wait to raise Olivia in the church. She still hates to go to the nursery, but she can't sit still during service. I know once I am out of eye sight, the crying stops and she is just fine!!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post. Life just happens and that is that!

I promise to try to get pictures posted ASAP!

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Bill and Mary said...

No worries! Life has just been busy for all of us! I am glad to see Miss Olivia is doing well..and she is totally adorable! Congrats on becoming an Aunt!


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